Vitalik Buterin’s invention Ethereum is creating news as its crypto currency “Ether” achieves the fastest price appreciation from $10 to $50 in a matter of a month with current valuation of over $4 billion amidst much controversy around Bitcoin and its ongoing price decline.Vitalik Buterin reveals the mystery behind Ether’s giddying price rise in an interview to Arifa Khan (Part 2).

Arifa Khan: What are your takeaways from Blockchain India Summit Dec 2016 and what are you looking to achieve in future?

Vitalik Buterin : I think the first trip to India went very well; and it looks like there is a lot of excitement and potential for future applications. The community is definitely still newer, and more focused on currency applications than some of the other things that other ethereum communities are trying to build, though I expect that it will rapidly mature. I am looking forward to engaging with multiple stakeholders in India in May 2017.

 Arifa Khan: What is the reason behind the recent trend buckling and gravity-defying Ether price movement? In your view, what differentiates Ethereum most from all other alt coins?